You know I dreamed about you
I missed you for 29 years

Happy 43rd Birthday, Amy Meredith Poehler! (September 16, 1971)

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“I keep remembering the Stark words. Winter has come, Father. For me. For me. Robb must fight the Greyjoys now as well as the Lannisters, and for what? For a gold hat and an iron chair? Surely the land has bled enough. I want my girls back, I want Robb to lay down his sword and pick some homely daughter of Walder Frey to make him happy and give him sons. I want Bran and Rickon back. I want… Catelyn hung her head. “I want,” she said once more, and then her words were gone.”

Best of Strax in The Crimson Horror.

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“Where are you? When soon? Fine!”

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Going to prom and soccer games and all those normal things that you wanted for me. Will you just make sure she gets them?

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“Our booth was wherever the five of us were together.”

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